CCTV cameras are a KEY part of security. Recording 24/7, they increase the chance of identifying a criminal or pre-empting a criminal act and help to mobilise an immediate response should a crime be committed. As well as protecting your premises from illegal activity, a CCTV system also acts as a great visual deterrent.

As a result, our team of security technicians, design and install CCTV systems tailored to each individual premises requirements. Our security technicians handle everything. From helping you select the right equipment, ensuring wiring is hidden where possible and providing a truly professional service. If you choose an installation or any of 2020’s services, our engineers will handle this, giving you the best quality of service.

Our systems include both internal and external cameras. These cameras work during daylight hours, as well as during night – thanks to their night-vision technology. But, everything is up to you! Our security technicians will use their wealth of knowledge to advise the best camera for the location and environment, but they fit your security cameras wherever you want them.

Additionally, our cameras can be as visible or as discreet as you want them. Some people wish their CCTV cameras to be hidden and hard to see, whereas most people want them to be noticeable. That is because the very presence of CCTV cameras will deter most burglars and any other potential intruders. But, overall, we will install them exactly where you can position them for the best coverage, indoors or out.

Additionally, the system includes a hard disk recording system, allowing you to monitor your premises and surrounding areas. When we install your CCTV, we will securely connect it to your internet router. Therefore you will have a live view of your property, real-time notifications, playback, and recordings via your phone, tablet or computer.

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