Intruder Alarms

At 2020 Vision & Automation, our team of security technicians will install and maintain an intruder alarm for your home from a wide range of alarm systems. To provide you with an intruder alarm system that suits you, we begin by providing a complete site survey. Using this report, we will choose the system that is right for your needs. Then, our team will create a bespoke system design that suits your needs and guards your premises. Therefore, you can have peace of mind you are protected. At 2020, we will never provide you with an off the shelf solution; all systems that we install are designed custom for you.

Our wide range of systems uses either hard wired or wireless equipment. We choose the right one to make sure that the installation is carried out with minimum disruption and with no cables visible. Furthermore, by connecting our systems to a telephone line or internet connection you can control your systems from a smartphone app, the system can inform you when something triggers an alarm.

Did you know that studies have shown burglars avoid houses with burglar alarms altogether? Home intruder alarm systems are the best deterrent against criminals. That’s why you need to safeguard your property with the right domestic intruder alarm. But, if you are a business, there is a high price to pay if criminals disrupt your premises. That’s why you need to safeguard your premises with the right commercial intruder alarm. Intruder alarms for commercial properties differ significantly in their requirements than those of homes. For business security, the start point should always be risk management and crime prevention rather than loss prevention.

Regardless if you require our commercial or residential intruder alarm service, we can help you begin to feel protected. An intruder alarm is the first step in increased security.

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